Daily Archives: 24 Januari 2012

love letter

there are some things that i can’t say to you face to face..

so i’m writing a letter..

for always being my side, thankyou..

for always encouraging me, thankyou..

you’ve found what you wanted to do..

and now working towards it..

and seeing that makes me happy..

for now on you will continue to live on..

but in my case it’s not the same..

my future that i have left..

how should i go about living it?

that it’s..

that’s all that there is..

everyday i fighting against myself..

i’m worried and it’s painful..

and I’ve used up all my energy..

here’s the truth..

it’s painful to be with you…

wanting to do this..

wanting to do that..

but when i’m with you..

a dream that can never come true..

of course it’s not your fault…

that was all my fault..

it doesn’t matter what i do..

for doing so much for me, thankyou..

for saying that you like me, even the way i am now.. thankyou..

i’m sorry that i can’t give you anything in return..

I can’t see you anymore…